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where devil can't, Lestat will do
January 31, 2018 Posted by Doctor no comments

I started to fill up the books section. For now, I have the book chart and description of Interview with the Vampire – soon I should have at least half of the vampire and witches books covered ^^

Also, I put up fanlistings section in Fun part of the site. For now you can find there 5 different fanlistings and soon should be more!

See you soon!

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January 30, 2018 Posted by Doctor no comments

Had written the Anne Rice’s brief biography. It should expand as I know more about the life of the writer – enjoy the basics, soon I hope to add few unknown facts to it ^^


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January 30, 2018 Posted by Doctor no comments

Hello! This is my first post, starting the life of The Coven. I still figure things out, made an own wordpress them and write stuff to fill the pages.

I plan to make this website big, full of fun and joy, for all who loves Anne Rice. That  can’t be done without faithful fans, so I hereby ask for any contributions you may have, be the fanart, articles of other forms of fan-content.

I hope soon to have news on first descriptions! See you!

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Hello, visitor!

Anne Rice is an american author of vampire and witches books, which gained massive cult among vampire lovers and for many are the example on how to write vampires. I hope you like what you see here, enjoy your time and delve into vampire world, where the Brat Prince roams and the witches call for the mysterious gentleman to fulfill their wishes…

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